Esource sales training and workshops increase your organisations success, revenues and customer relationships. Esource provides the latest in training, workshops and coaching for the progressive sales force. Drawing on more than 8 years experience internationally in the high tech industry, from high value solution sales through to simple telesales techniques, Esource will tailor a workshop and coaching environment to suit your needs.

Every Esource training and workshop programme is geared to raise the success of sales and sales related people for your organisation. This is achieved through development of existing and new skills, strategy, behaviour and approach, wrapped in an interactive coaching style of facilitation, to maximise group learning.

Esource Sales Performance and Skills workshops are unique and tailored for companies in high end complex sales environments as well as companies involved in simple, highly repetitious sales.


Workshops are developed to meet the specific requirements of the audience

Sales People • Sales Managers • Account Managers • Account Representatives • Consultants • Internal Sales Staff

Esource Sales Training Workshops

Esource offers all levels of Sales Training, Coaching and Workshops from the basic to the advanced:

Basic Selling • Cold Calling • Telesales • Account Management • Strategic Account • Selling Negotiation Skills • Objection Handling • Advanced Sales Training • Consultative Selling • Solution Selling • Account Management Presentation Skills • Customised Workshops • Territory Management Proposal Development • Qualification Tools • Financial Selling • Sales Management • Channel Management • Combined Workshops • Personality Profiling

Interactive Group Learning

To achieve optimal results Esource training programmes are designed to create maximum retention and learning. This is achieved through an interactive coaching style. Esource workshops are structured so that attendees participate continuously and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the whole group, not just the facilitator. We include as many exercises as possible so attendees practice new skills and concepts and receive feedback allowing learning to be practical and applicable as soon as they return to the field.

Benefits of the Esource approach

Sales training alone does not create competitive advantage. Sales people do not exercise sales skills in isolation. Their day-to-day role involves combining sales skills with product, market and business knowledge. For maximum effectiveness Esource develop training workshops which combine business, product and market knowledge with sales components. All of our workshops are customised for you, creating a unique selling environment to differentiate your business. This also reduces the amount of time your people spend out of the marketplace while up skilling.

  • Sales Training + Context = Maximum Effectiveness 

  • Unique differentiation for your organisations competitive advantage

  • Time efficient training as all aspects are combined into one program

  • Advanced coaching style for maximum learning through leadership and group participation

  • Key “take aways” for measurement of program effectiveness

  • All facilitators are experienced sales professionals

  • Unique formats available for motivational involvement for participants

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