Esource develops Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis tools to enable sales professionals to clearly articulate the value propositions and competitive uniqueness of their products and services to customers.

The tools are designed to position your products or services to customers in the form of a business case – showing all relevant costs and benefits. Unlike traditional business case analysis that can take months to complete, Esource TCO/ROI tools can highlight value to customers in a matter of minutes.

Sales Professionals, Business Development, Product Management, Marketing, Pre-Sales and Post Sales Staff all benefit from the ability to articulate complex product and solution value propositions quickly and easily in financial terms – Modelling their customer’s specific environment, costs and benefits for the analysis.

When developing TCO/ROI analysis tools Esource partners with the vendor or service provider to ensure complete understanding of:

Business Benefit and Value

Esource identifies the unique and compelling value propositions, the positive cost impact in a customers business environment and the resulting financial and business process benefits.

The Market

Esource has many years experience developing TCO/ROI analysis tools for products and services within the Australian and world-wide market place.

Customer Requirements

The Esource development methodology incorporates front line customer input into how the tools will look and work. Input variables can be adjusted to gain acceptance and buy-in from the customer. Outputs are targeted to show how the product or service will positively impact the customer’s business.

Tool Customisation

Esource customises each and every TCO/ROI analysis tool to ensure that all possible value of the product or service is being considered, both from the vendor or service provider and customer point of view.

Benchmarks and Research

Esource researches and develops industry benchmarks and indicative values for a wide variety of cost and benefit items that are relevant to the product or service market.

For over four years Esource has refined a TCO/ROI analysis tool development methodology that has proven itself time and time again as industry best practise. This has been acknowledged by Esource customers here in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Benefits of the Esource approach

  • Provides a means for sales teams to sell with creditability to CEOs, CFOs and CIOs

  • Better opportunity qualification and improved win rates meaning higher value sales

  • Allows selling on value, rather than price and discounting

  • Reduce the sales cycle through distinctly articulated value statements

  • Positions you, the vendor or service provider, as a trusted business partner who understands the customer’s business

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